The Partner With Anthony Review – Is It A Scam?

The Partner With Anthony Review – Is It A Scam?

Anthony Morrison has been in the business of affiliate marketing for over a decade. He has written numerous books and developed online courses to teach people ways of earning an income passively online through affiliate marketing. Undoubtedly, he has extensive knowledge and experience in affiliate marketing.

The Partner With Anthony review is intended to answer whether Anthony Morrison’s Partner With Anthony program has helped people earn an income through affiliate marketing. Many people are looking to get into online ventures that can enable them to make money and, at the same time, be a stepping stone to their financial freedom.

What is Partner With Anthony Program?

Partner With Anthony online training is a 13 video session course that teaches people how to generate income working as an affiliate marketer. The course provides you with videos and eBooks that entail sales funnels that are ready to use.

You will have to go through the sales funnels yourself since it is impossible to contact Anthony directly. Queries are submitted through his support system, and he uses the same channel to respond.

The sales presentations make many believe that they can partner and work with Anthony once they sign up for membership which is not the case. There is no way to contact Anthony directly since the members’ forum, and FAQ are non-existent.

Pros and Cons of the Partner With Anthony Program

The good

Videos and eBooks of the training course are easily accessed and downloaded in the members’ area of the Partner With Anthony program.

The course is a step-by-step guide that teaches you how to set up sites and email campaigns.

To ensure that one has grasped the concepts in each course, the Partner With Anthony program does not allow you to start watching the next lesson until 24 hours after completing the previous one.

The bad

The program uses an outsourced support team that has little knowledge regarding affiliate marketing. His Support team can help you set up your account, but their experience in affiliate marketing concerning the technical aspects is limited.

It is not possible to contact Anthony directly since the only provision is by submitting a ticket through his support team.

Review of Partner With Anthony program Pricing.

One must pay $7 as an entrance fee or a one-time fee of $97. You will also be required to purchase the various upsells offered by Anthony Morrison.

Here is a list of the upsells you will require to implement the partner with Anthony program once you sign up: ClickFunnels $19.99-$99.99 per month, Digital marketing Mastermind $69.95 per year, M Insider Newsletter $9.95 per month, Get Response $15-$1,199 per month, AWeber $19-$149 per month.

The training for a partner with Anthony Program.

Videos and eBooks are available for download when one signs up and becomes a member. For you to fully implement the program, one will be required to subscribe to all the upsells. Even the options for the lowest pricing turn out to be expensive considering the cumulative cost at the end of the month and the year. Contrary to the notion that one will only pay $7 and start the training and promotion program, you will pay more for the monthly and annual upsells.

His Support help review for the partner with Anthony program.

The Partner with Anthony online training course for affiliate marketing uses an outsourced support team. His Support team can help you set up your account, but they have limited experience and knowledge regarding affiliate marketing.

It is not possible to get in touch directly with Anthony Morrison in case of queries regarding technical aspects of affiliate marketing. One can submit a ticket through the support team, and Anthony will respond using the same channel. The members’ forum and FAQ are non-existent.

Is Partner With Anthony Worth the money?

Conclusively, the Partner with Anthony Program offers training for affiliate marketing hence not a scam. Anthony Morrison has undoubtedly extensive knowledge and experience in affiliate marketing, but most of his methods raise some questions.

The initial impression you get when you sign up and go through the partner with Anthony Program, you will be able to work with Anthony, which is not the case. The training presentation creates the impression of partnering with Anthony, but in reality, one will have to go through the sales funnels by themselves.

Minimal support is available for members primarily on the technical aspects of the business of affiliate marketing. Members cannot contact Anthony directly but instead submit a ticket to the support team for queries.

The cost of signing up and implementing the program turns out to be higher than anticipated. After paying the fee for signing up, one must pay for the upsells needed to implement the program, which is costly.

Most of the people who have signed up and have a membership with the Partner With Anthony Program have negative reviews about their experience. Some have raised concern over issues such as money being taken from their accounts without their permission.

The Program Partner With Anthony is a bargain since, in essence, its purpose is to make money by having people sign up and promoting it.

Many believe that Anthony Morrison is a con artist and one with a shady personality. Anthony Morrison is talented in marketing and a well-polished salesman, but his methods are questionable. You should be extra cautious if you are considering taking up the Partner With Anthony program.

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